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Waste sacks

Produced with recycled film and very strong, waste sacks are ideal for clearing office, garden and building rubbish. Clear waste sacks are ideal for office usage as their transparency helps ensure only the correct type of items are discarded or stored in the sack. Black sacks offer the perfect balance between bag strength and a budget price. To dispose of building materials left over in your garden your best bet might be ultra thick rubble sacks that are able to hold up to 40kg!
Manufacturers and suppliers of waste sacks include:

Bin bags

A bin bag is a disposable bag used to collect and contain rubbish. They offer a convenient and sanitary way of collecting and disposing of waste, domestic refuse and litter. Rubbish bags are fairly lightweight and are particularly useful for messy or wet garbage such as food scraps and vegetable peelings.
Specialist sacks are also available for use with low-grade radioactive or clinical waste and these can also be supplied with specific printed warnings which can also be customised. Manufacturers and suppliers of bin bags include:

Bin liners

Bin liners are useful to line the insides of rubbish containers such as waste-paper bins, dustbins and even wheelie-bins to prevent them from becoming coated in waste material and getting dirty and smelly. Most bags these days are made out of polythene and are typically green or black in colour. However you can also order eco-friendly bin liners that are made from biodegradable plastic or starch based materials (such as potato-starch).
Manufacturers and suppliers of bin liners include:

Eco friendly alternatives

Although sometimes considered bad for the environment polythene is actually a very efficient form of packaging which has a low carbon footprint and the advantage of using low amounts of energy when recycling. A number of totally green alternatives exist for Polythene waste sacks and bin liners though, namely the use of potato starch to manufacture these bin bags. The following sites all specialise in providing enivronmentally-friendly packaging:

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Alternative packaging

There are many types of packaging all for specific uses. To obtain information about other types of polythene bags or polythene film, visit:

Research and resources

For more detailed information on bin bags, bin liners and waste sacks including how they are manufactured and the different types of packaging products available, please see:

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More on waste sacks

There are many other types of bin bags and waste-disposal sacks some that are specific to certain brands or that cater for irregular sized bins or waste disposal systems. The following sites offer more information on waste-sacks, bin-bags and bin-liners.


A couple were left furious after being told their wheelie bin containing grass cuttings was not emptied because binmen could not lift it with two fingers. 2 residents from Warminster, left their green garden waste bin and black kerbside recycling box for collection on May 22. But when one of the residents went to bring her bins in later in the day she realised her green bin had not been emptied and a sticker was placed on it saying it was too heavy to lift. When she complained to her council she was astonished to learn that men are permitted to leave bins if they dont pass the two finger test. They told me it was normal for binmen to leave bins they couldnt pull with two fingers, The Sun newspaper quoted the resident, as saying. These were big men and the bin was only 6ft from their lorry but they just left it there. Its ridiculous, she added. The ocupant said that she had no trouble wheeling the bin round to the front of the house herself and putting it out on the pavement. She successfully emptied the grass clippings into bin liners and drove them to a local tip. I work really hard but have to pay £130 a month in council tax. We are charged for this service without getting anything in return, she said. However, West Wiltshire District Council denied an official two-fingers policy but admitted it was used as a way of determining weight. It said heavy bins could break the trucks hydraulic lifting system or topple off. A spokesperson for the district council, said: "Focsa (its waste contractors) are unable to empty wheeled bins that are too heavy due to the safety risk of the bin falling from the vehicle’s lifting gear during emptying. "If at anytime a bin is considered by the operatives to be overloaded, a sticker will be placed on the lid letting the resident know that they have been unable to take the bin. "If any resident has had a heavy sticker left on the bin then they will be required to remove some of the contents, the official added.

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